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Health Information for Runners
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Nutrition and energy-balanced diets, burning calories
And how to lose
weight with our 2000 calorie diet

Nutrition and the energy-balanced diet

Your body needs energy to sustain your activities throughout the day. Glycogen is the main source of fuel used by the muscles - and if you train with low glycogen stores you will feel constantly tired, your training performance will be lower and you will be more prone to injury and illness.

Carefully planned nutrition must provide an energy balance diet. Read more about your energy requirements and balanced diets...

Burning calories

The number of calories you burn depends upon your weight, the activity and it's intensity level. When you are exercise at a greater intensity level, you work harder, expend more energy and burn more calories.

But you will work even harder, and burn more calories, if you are overweight. See our illustrations of energy expenditure for different activities and body weights...

Losing weight

Men and very active women may need up to 2,500 calories a day, whereas inactive people need only about 2,000 calories daily. So what you eat and how much you exercise are closely connected if you want to control your weight.

We recommend a combination of eating less and exercising to lose weight - read how...

Lose weight with our daily 2,000 calorie diet and exercise

Keep active and you will not want to eat as much - and you will burn more calories.

Try our tasty and nutritious 2,000 calorie dieting menu.  If you follow this diet menu each day and exercise you should lose weight.

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