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Pure  Detox Retreat Spain   

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Personalised Detox Holiday Therapies  in Spain

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Healthy Smoothie


Optional Beach Walk


Optional Yoga


Healthy Smoothie


Life Coaching





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π   Prices


Special offer, 8 nights, 750 per person

There is no single supplement.

Private rooms no sharing.

Based on a full board basis

Free Therapy Included

Massages or Reflexology


There is a discount of 10% for two

people booking.


 Check availability here



Check availability here



A Detox Retreat in the Sun

Pure  detox offers you a unique opportunity to treat your body, mind and spirit to a complete mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation, whilst, relaxing in the sun.

Relax with a massage or reflexology, included in the detox programme

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Pure  Testimonials

We have been offering weight loss and detox programmes since 2006, having helped hundreds of clients increase their fitness and lose weight, these are just a few of their comments.

Thanks so much for a peaceful and relaxing holiday...we will recommend you to all at home, who are interested in Fitness and  losing weight.  Sarah & Clare, UK

Thank you for helping us, we have thoroughly enjoyed every day...we will always remember what we have learnt and trust that our lives have changed for the better.  Sheila & Pam, Australia

Thank you for a great holiday of fitness and weight loss. Not being able to walk more than 300m and now I am walking 5km, I can not believe the difference, in just two weeks!  Ruth, Dubai

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The Pure  Detox Retreat includes:...

Private rooms with en suite or private bathroom, fully inclusive, with airport transfers from Alicante and Valencia

Relaxing Therapies

Therapies are included within the cost of the retreat.


Spiritual Life Coaching (SLC) techniques. Take control of your emotions, consciously and deliberately reshaping to improve your daily experience of life.

Mindfulness Based Cognative Therapy. ( MBCT ) Based on Jon Kabat Zinn’s Stress Reduction programme. Through intrinsic touch and movement, the body releases emotional and mental tensions, elevating and sustaining a "positive" emotional state.


Advanced Reflexology. Our Reflexology Techniques identify and facilitate healing of mental, emotional causes of physical health.


Gentle yoga sessions. Utilizing the mind in such Meditative Practices as Yoga, we can choose a path of least resistance and find an inner balance that promotes good health.

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