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 Problems and risks with Gastric Band Surgery

The number of operations for this type of surgery, has doubled every three years, since 1998.

In 2004 (the latest year for statistics) there where over 121,000* Gastric Bypass & Gastric Banding operations. The number of people who died as a direct result of the surgery was 2421 but, as the number of operations has more than doubled since 2004, the number of deaths is now estimated to be over  5000, per year.

In general, between 10% to 20% of patients will require corrective surgeries of one sort or another.

Statistics show that 12% of candidates have their band removed and, have further surgery for weight loss.

This type of operation is a barbaric procedure that maims patients for life. You can never go back to having a normal digestive system after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Even more frightening, studies show that patients are just as unhealthy following the procedure as they were before it, even when they lose weight. Bypassing your stomach doesn't make you a healthy person, even if it does force you to eat less. To be healthy, you have to eat healthy food and have an exercise programme, for life. We offer a life style change, for your life ahead.

* This figure includes all types of gastric banding and bypass operations, but does not include Liposuction surgery, of which there were approximately 434,000 in 2007.

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