Body weight, activity and its intensity determine your
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Illustrations of energy used for various weights and exercises


Burning calories

The number of calories you burn depends upon your weight, the activity and it's intensity level.

The number of calories you burn depends upon your weight, the activity and it's intensity level. Yoga Breaks and Holidays

Obviously, if you are exercising at a greater intensity level, you will be working harder, expending more energy and burning more calories than someone who is not working quite as hard. That is not to say, just because you are running faster than the person next to you, you are burning more calories. It is the effort that matters. If they are putting more effort in, then they are burning more calories.

Tables of energy expenditure

Carefully planned nutrition must provide an energy balance diet.

These illustrations must be used as a general guideline.

The number of calories you actually burn could be slightly higher or lower depending upon your intensity level and your weight.

The following table gives the calorie expenditure after 15 minutes of activity for various body weights.

Activity and Calories/15 min 56kg 68kg 80kg 91kg
Aerobics (traditional at high intensity) 142 172 201 230
Running (9 min/mile) 164 196 230 261
Walking (15 min/mile) 66 78 91 105

The following table shows a variety of exercises and the calories expended for a 56kg women and a 77kg man, assuming the activity lasted 15min.

Activity and Calories/15 min 56kg women 77kg man
Basketball 115 159
Cycling (9.4 mph) 84 111
Cycling (racing) 142 195
Dance Exercise (High Impact Aerobics) 141 186
Running (8 min/mile) 169 225
Skiing (Cross Country) 120 159
Swimming (fast crawl) 130 180
Tennis (singles) 91 121

Calories Burned

Some cardio machines don't ask for your weight and then tell you that you're burning a certain number of calories. This is not possible, a machine know your weight before it can compute the calories that you have burnt.

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